Play Without Limits . . . .

SmallBiiGapparel was first created with the aim of ensuring that poker players stayed comfortable and stylish during long hours of play in chilly casinos. The name was inspired by the crucial components of the game, namely the small and big blinds that initiate every poker hand. At the start of each round, the creator of SmallBiiGapparel would call out “Small BiiG!” and the players loved it so much that they started yelling it across the room like it was a personal catchphrase.

What began as a brand dedicated to outfitting poker players has since evolved into a movement, with people of all ages and backgrounds clamoring to get their hands on SmallBiiGapparel. From rich and famous players to everyday individuals seeking to outfit their entire families, the brand has garnered a dedicated following.

While SmallBiiGapparel primarily serves as poker gear for players, we also seek to remind people not to sweat the small stuff. As we believe, everything is small stuff, and it’s important to keep that perspective in mind. With this ethos in mind, SmallBiiGapparel continues to grow and expand its reach.